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Team Run Wagers

Running anywhere in South Africa to support and raise awareness for our Youth who suffer with Cancer or other blood related illness. 

Running Team

Do I need to be fit?

No, honestly you and your team don't have to be fit. There will be 4 of you and you all can choose when to run. You don't Have to run for the full 24hrs. So if all 4 of you want to Sleep for 3 or 5 hours - do it, have fun, set up a braai - SUPPORT CHOC!

How does Team RUN Wagers work?

4 Team Members,  Male or Female or Mix Teams. 24hrs for your Team to run further than any other team or to just support CHOC and have fun. Only 1 Athlete Runs at a time. 1km Loop or 500m there and back to make 1km. Only the distance in your Loop or 500m and back will count towards your distance; meaning you walking around while someone in your team is running will NOT count. We Encourage you to please tag CHOC in your social media! AWARENESS

... and yes it's 24hrs.

What do I need?

We strongly suggest those chargers! Especially if you looking to get a podium. Make sure you have enough food and water at your base camp. Pillows, warm clothes, change of socks/shirts/shorts and undies (trust us we've done enough mad thing like this before), toilet paper, wet wipes - more water.

What APP or Device can I use to track my distance?

Any APP or Device that can connect to STRAVA. We will be using STRAVA as our means to track your Team's distance. All we ask is to send us your link to the Athletes portal which we will send to you on the day of the event 16 June. Please make sure your Team have all their STRAVA settings to public and the Run set as RACE when you are done.

What do I get?

Our Top 3 Teams will be getting Prize Money, which they can either donate to CHOC or keep. The more Teams we get the more Prize Money as well as Donations to CHOC. As well as 10% Off Biogen Products for all Team Members, 4 Week Running Program, Entry into a draw for a FREE Event. Medals if we get 50 paid Teams or more.

Where must my Team and I run?

Anywhere you wish. Our suggestion would be someone's house, where it's flat - NO bonus points for Elevation, so make it as flat as possible. 

Can my Team use a Treadmill or Air Runner?

No, we want to keep it all natural, adds to the Team Strategy. You can run Trail, Road, Grass, or track - just pick what best would suit your team. 

When do we start?

All teams entered will start at 6am on 16th June... if your team starts later, you then sacrifice that time missed. 6am 16 June to 6am 17 June.

Can 1 Team Member run more than 1 lap at a time?

Sign me up!

Yes, if 1 team member decides to do 5km in one go that is fine. As long as that 5km is within the 1km route your team has set as their route - ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF THIS 1km WILL NOT COUNT.

Must our Start and Finish be at the same place?

Yes, whether you choose a 500m there and back or a 1km loop. Where you start is where you finish your loop or there and back.

Early Bird 40% OFF - who does that?

We do, we want to give value to those Early Birds, so we have given you 40% off or final price, giving you a FREE Running Program, 10% OFF Biogen Products, and if you are 1 of the 1st 50 teams entered - we giving you another 20% off our INTERNATIONAL TEAM RUN WAGERS

Wait WHAT?

YES! International Team RUN Wagers, where you will compete to be the BEST 24hr Team in THE WORLD!


6th - 7th August 2022 you will take on some of the best Endurance Athletes in the World... and you get 20% Off. However if you WIN on the 16th June we will give your team a FREE Entry to represent South Africa!

Okay so 40% off, FREE Running Program, 10% off Biogen Products, if you are 1 of the 1st 50 Teams 20% off International RUN Wagers - Plus supporting CHOC! We really do want YOU to have full value for your entry. Not to mention Prize Money for our Top 3 Teams.

Enter Now and SAVE 40% on your FULL TEAM entry

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Team RUN Wagers

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