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What is THEphitest ?

The Phitest is a Functional Fitness event, testing the fitness of individuals in a multitude of disciplines.

From: Gymnastics, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Aerobic, Anaerobic, Endurance, Stamina, Speed, Shooting, Ability to Adapt to the Unknown, Mental Grit.

The Festival will run for 2 to 3 days with a minimum of 5 workouts and a maximum 10 workouts.

All WODs (Workout Of the Day) will be thoroughly tested by our Demo Team, to ensure Safety, Quality and Enjoyable test for all Athletes. 

With the research done we have seen that the growth of Functional Fitness has grown exceptionally over the last 5 years and continues to grow worldwide. South Africa is currently one of the top growing countries in the Functional Fitness sport. With the Team Events for Functional Fitness being the most popular amongst the community.


Our first event will cater for the Teams, there will be Duos as well as Male, Female, Male Teams. 


To keep quality and a high percentage of entries we will only have 2 events a year. One Team Event and one Solo Event.

We will eventually look at doing online qualifiers for the Elite Field also known as RX in the Functional Fitness Community. This will then be used as a potential stream of revenue, as we could possibly attract international Athletes and then Live Stream the event - monetizing the stream via advertising space as well as earning off YouTube and Twitch's viewing algorithm's. Currently there are 4 Million Athletes with the premiere Functional Fitness stream gaining 2.4million views on Day 1. 

However our main objective is to get numbers in our Beginners Division also known as Scaled in the Functional Fitness Community. Over the years in the eventing industry we have come to see that this is where the money to grow our event will lie.

Our Divisions will only be RX and Scaled. We found that the Intermediate division tends to have too many RX Athletes unfairly dominating that field, knowing the WODs are easier and podium contention is easier.

What are the cost for THEphitest ?

We want the event to be World Class - the South African Event industry is riddled with poor events. That's the last thing we want.

Paid Marketing:

The first step is to get our name out there using a Marketing Strategy of growing trust. So the suggestion is to start with the 1st Campaign as a Lead Generation with adding some Value. Have people sign up to our database and then sending them a ThePhitest FREE T-shirt, as well as behind the scenes footage of us testing WODs and the journey to making the event happen (This will open the door for FREE Marketing through the most successful and most neglected marketing tool which is Email Marketing). Our Goal Would be to generate 1000 to 2000 Leads (depending on Ad spend budget) in our first Ad Campaign. This will make getting Teams signed up a lot easier when we open Entries, as mentioned it's FREE Marketing and we have already gained their trust through giving them value and insights of what we doing for the Event.


Our 2nd campaign would be the reveal of dates and opening entries. We can have an early bird price of R2 000 per Team as the value factor as they will save R400. These teams will then also get early access to WODs that will take place at the Event through our Email Marketing Videos.

Our 3rd Campaign will be to convert those stragglers, the people who are not sure. This will be done by offering them a

Below are Marketing costs from best-case scenario and down:

Shirts (to make), Facebook and Google Ads - 1st R50 000, 2nd R30 000, 3rd R10 000

Branding costs, our flags, banners, gazebos:

1st R100 000, 2nd R75 000, 3rd R50 000 (waiting on quotes)


Venue Hire 3 days:

Anything between R3 000 to R60 000 (waiting on venues to send quotes)


Medics for 3 days:

Anything from R6 000 to R50 000 (waiting on quotes)


Aesthetically branding and signage is key. 

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