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Papapronto, We Are PyramidX and have partnered up to raise money for The CHOC Foundation.


We have R1000 Vouchers for our fastest Female and Male Runners, to be used at our store. We will also have Spot Prizes for those just running for fun. 

FREE Mimosa after your run!


There are two 5km Routes to be run. The Craigavon 5km is first on the list, you will run our 5km Route, have a Breakfast, Lunch or Supper, take a photo of your Slip and post it to your Strava with your Run (You only have to do this if you are a Race Snake looking to win).

From the 1st to the 15th September you can try set the fastest 5km at our Craigavon Store. However we only accept one submission per entry. So make sure it's your best one, else you will have to enter again for another submission.

For The Race Snakes Our Rules:

  1. Put the run on "RACE" in STRAVA

  2. Have a drink or meal at Craigavon Papapronto (Start and Finish are there)

  3. Your Slip date must match your Run date.

  4. Add us on Instagram AKA The Gram - @papapronto

  5. Have a Jol!


Here's the twist you have to Donate to Enter. We are donating 60% to The CHOC Foundation 40% will be to cover our Marketing, Graphic Design and Website Hosting costs  - FB, Google, IG Ads, SEO, Website Management (Probably how you landed up on this page - believe it or not, it costs money)


Here's the Beauty you can Donate as little as R60 there's no set price. Donate R60 or more, have a Coffee at our Craigavon Store and possibly win a R1000 Voucher to either have a feast by yourself... or treat your family. Or just run for fun and possibly win some Spot Prizes.

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