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Our #RunWagersFreedomRUN will take place wherever you may live, 15km of a course you choose - however, you have to have a MINIMUM of 150m Elevation gain, anything less will result in a DQ. On the 27th of April you will have 24hrs to complete and post your results to - send us your Strava link and make sure its on "RACE". If we see any signs of cheating in the data you will be DQ and there will be NO REFUNDS.


An Online Event for our Running Community where you can earn great prize money. Our focus is to help Athletes earn money doing what they love. Currently we can only pay our top 3 Athletes in EACH Age Group, but our 2 year goal is to eventually have the ability to pay our top 20 Athletes.

How it works - we have worked out the best possible percentages for Prize Money around R150 entry, this is why our price will never change (Unless you are in the Old But Gold 58+ category, you only pay R80). 

So the more people enter the more you can earn if you place TOP 3. If we get just 500 entries in an Age Group we can pay that Age Group the following: 1st R12000, 2nd R8000, 3rd, R5000 - not bad for a Day out Running. So share, invite, call out those friends and get those Running Buddies to join! Help us grow and get us to that 2 Year goal even quicker. 

(If we only have 500 entries OVERALL our Top 3 Male and Female Athletes will be paid as follows: 1st R6000, 2nd R4000, 3rd R2500)

The Age Groups are as follows:

16 - 19 Male

16 - 19 Female

20 - 35 Male

20 - 35 Female

36 - 46 Male

36 - 46 Female

47 - 57 Male

47 - 57 Female

58+ Male

58+ Female


Our future events will include a Team Category which we will explain in more detail come the time for this event.


We would love your feed back so that we can improve on this event and make it one you keep coming back to. You make the event! 


On race day please take care and look out for cars, always Run facing Traffic and note that once you enter you understand we take no responsibility for anything that happens to you. You can read our T's and C's when you sign up. PLEASE BE SAFE. 

If you earn a pay out position we will contact you for your banking details. Pay outs will happen within 14 days of the Run.

What do you need?

Running shoes, GPS Watch, Strava.

You will need Strava to upload your run and time. However you MUST set the run to RACE. If we see any time difference from your Start and Finish, or irregularities from the data we will DQ you and ban you for life. We have enough data to pick up those looking to cheat and ruin the event for others.

So lace up and get ready to earn money in 2022 as a Runner. Or just see where you rank amongst some of the best runners in the country.

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