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tell us where else you will get this offer?



For only R150 you get to invest in yourself. You WILL lose weight with us, if you stick to it, if you are consistent, if you stop telling yourself you can't and actually fucking believe in yourself. YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT.


We ask for 8 weeks of your time. 8 weeks you will have EVERYTHING you need to start the best NEW life that YOU wanted.


1. Eating Plans

2. HIIT Workouts from 5min to 30min

3. Challenges To Earn Points and aid in you Weight Loss Journey!

4. Motivational Videos 

5. Prize Money

6. Life Changing Articles

7. Leaderboards

8. A New Life

Stop scrolling through all the bullshit lies, take this pill and that drink... it's BS! There are no easy routes, there are no short cuts - you want change? Well it starts with you... make the choice book with us. 4th April we will then get started with that journey to Weight Loss and a new lease on life.


Life's Beautiful

What you can find in our Members area

Your life changes with one click

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